Diagrams from Willard O. Spencer
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These repair notes were part of the estate of Willard O.Spencer,, most written on scraps of paper which have aged quite a bit.  To see the original notes, click here.
Stub Stub mandrel for Conn 88H receiver
Conn 8H Trombone
Bach 14D screw-rim bottom14D
Cerveny Baritone horn mouthpiece
Herrick trumpet mouthpiece - Chet Patnoe
Herrick trumpet mouthpiece - Herb Patnoe
Herrick  3E trombone mouthpiece
Copy of a Dell'Osa french horn mouthpiece
Bach 1 1/2C trumpet mouthpiece
King 2B trombone slides
Willard Spencer Brass Instruments Letterhead
Giardinelli brass mouthpiece
Conn 88H receiver
Purviance 5 Star S trumpet mouthpiece
Sabatini french horn mouthpiece
King trombone slide lock
Conn 6H trombone diagram
An Absurd Modification of a Thayer Valve
Bill Wagner M-piece by Herrick