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Brass Instrument Repair by Lionel Emde


Lionel Emde apprenticed to the trade under Larry Souza in 1975
at "Musicman", a music store in San Mateo. After 10 1/2 years,
the shop closed and following a hiatus, Mr. Emde resumed repairing.

He is currently at Hornucopia, where he has been repairing brass
instruments for the last 16 years. He can be contacted at his home
studio (650-738-9120),

or at Hornucopia (650-593-3050) on Tuesdays and

Vincent Bach Mouthpiece Manual

Repair Photos:

Bent Trumpet  
1905 Holton Cornet 
Tricky Pull
Cutting a French Horn Bell for a screw rim
Diagrams from Willard O. Spencer
A King Baritone Horn Rebuild
Calicchio 2/2 Trumpet

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Repairing a souzaphone
1549 Laurel St
San Carlos, CA 94070
Please call or Email
for an appointment:
(650) 738-9120