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Good Place if you Need Something Special Fast
Cathy H. 3/10/13
Very good! The service there is really great. They definantly take care of whatever you want, and everything there is good quality. I think its an especially good place to go if you need something special fast.

Looked Like Part of a Professional Collection
2/7/2010 By Jeffrey S.
When my niece was 2 years old, she finger-painted a collage for my brother that was colorful and showed some true talent.  My wife was able to get a large digital print of the photo, and we proudly hung it over our fireplace in our home in Pacifica.  The picture got rave reviews, but the framing was lacking.  We lived up the hill from Lionel Emde, so we brought the print to Periwinkle.  We inherited some professional art work worth several thousand dollars, and the framing done by Periwinkle made this piece look like part of that professional collection.  In fact, we have a custom built staircase in our new home in Texas, and we are so pleased with Lionel's work that this piece is displayed in the front hallway before the staircase.  The piece always gets very flattering comments.  I highly recommend Periwinkle Custom Framing for anyone looking to professionally enhance a picture or piece of art.  Thanks Lionel!

8/7/2010 by William H.

We were very impressed with the quality of framing we received from Lionel at Periwinkle.  He was recommended to us by a museum in San Francisco.  He framed about eight pieces for us.  He was very helpful in recommending frames and mats, and the finished product looks wonderful!  The framing is also museum quality so we know our art will be protected.

Recommendation by another Top Level Custom Framer
Posted on 01-17-2009 by

We at
Spring Mountain Gallery are custom framers in Half Moon Bay, and go to Periwinkle Framing when we need help with some of the jobs that we don't do, such as having oil painting canvases stretched. We had one job recently for a well-known client, a very large oil painting that we knew could not be trusted to anyone but Lionel Emde of Periwinkle. Lionel did such a beautiful, professional job of it, that when we delivered the painting to the client to hang in one of his restaurants, he was extremely happy - and he is a hard person to please! Our client then recommended us to others. We are no slouches ourselves, having been in the business since 1980, so when we use the services of another custom framer, we truly know what to look for. Our reputation depends upon the finest , and Periwinkle's service makes us look good, too.

07/18/2008 Posted by ShelleyGeorgette

I would highly recommend Lionel's work to any one. He has an extensive selection from which to choose. He is creative, talented, thinks outside the box, is patient. I never felt rushed. He completed my very special project before it was promised. His work is quality. A true professional. His prices are fair. I am absolutely thrilled with the work he did for me. I am fussy --- and I highly recommend him! Shelley

Best Framing at Periwinkels 

03/10/2008 Posted by windrider101

It has been a genuine pleasure having my painting framed at Periwinkels. This was my first experience having a painting professionally mounted and framed. Lionel had an excellent sense of the composition, and helped me select the right frame for the job from among an impressive inventory. He was prompt, professional and did the job at a fair price. I would strongly recommend his services.

Pros: Excellent job and excellent service

Terrific, professional, patient framer
12/02/2007 Posted by mayamunro

Working with Lionel is always a pleasure. He has framed several pieces of art for me, including but not limited to 2 monotypes, 3 lithographs and 2 very large abstract water colors. Lionel is very knowledgeable and always helps me find the exact framing to make the art POP. I often have trouble deciding between choices, but Lionel is very patient and goes through the pros and cons of each back ground. Thanks for always doing a terrific job! Oh and always hanging the art work for us. Husband hates doing it.

Periwinkle Framing knowledgable about art and gives great service  07/14/2007 Posted by bobsushill

I am a San Francisco collector of works on paper (drawings, original prints, and photographs) and have been using Periwinkle Framing for several years. I have been extremely impressed. Lionel Emde gives you all the time you need and works actively with you to find just the right frame. He knows a good deal about art history and frame styles, so you will always get a period- and style- appropriate frame for your work of art. In addition, the work is done in a timely manner. and the prices are reasonable. Mr. Emde is also very personable. I can't recommend Periwinkle enough.

Pros: Great parking, prices, service, and selection

Cons: none

Creative framing, many styles available

Posted by jebre on 01/27/2007
I am so pleased with the two prints I had framed at Periwinkle! There is a large selection of frame and matte choices. I gave an idea of what I was looking for for each print and he made recommendations based on what I wanted and what he thought would work. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to frame something meaningful to them.

High-quality, professional, creative framing

Posted by mslaughter on 01/06/2007
I am an exhibiting landscape photographer.For the last two decades, Periwinkle has been my exclusive framer. Here what Periwinkle offers: 1. Extensive experience in framing Lionel Emde, the middle-aged owner of Periwinkle has been in the framing business since he was a teenager. He has decades of experience. He has dealt with all manner of items to be framed--not only paintings and photographs, but fabrics, tapestries, and objects d'art. He has worked with museum curators on rare and expensive pieces (tens of thousands of dollars per item). For me, Periwinkle has done a bunch of double matting, reverse bevels, wood frames, special glass...even plexiglass (for a Balinese shadow puppet I bought in Lahaina, Maui). Nothing stumps Lionel. People come to Periwinkle from all around the Bay Area because of his expertise. 2. An artist's eye Custom framing is like custom tailoring--it's specific, not off-the-shelf. Lionel works with the client (or client team) to come up with a unique and appropriate size, shape, and color of frame for the work. (And not just the frame, the matte[s], the glass...) Since I don't do the boring black museum framing, I want a frame that complements the photo. Lionel is an absolute master at choosing the best frame and matte combo for the purpose. (I do try to "help"--and he's always ready to listen; all those years in retail make him a very patient man.) I can't cound how many times over the years people have told me, "Why that frame is just PERFECT for that photo." 3. Complete dependability Whether it's a no-deadline job, something with a deadline (as, say, for an exhibition), or a rush, Periwinkle will come through. The work will be done on-time--and done right. I recommend Periwinkle without reservation. A word on the cost...Since I haven't worked with another framer in decades, I can't comment on comparative prices. But I'm very happy with what I've been charged. And, oh, that quality!

Awesome Work

Posted by jorieb on 09/05/2006
Periwinkle is the best custom framing I have found in the area. Their work is top of the line & very reasonable. They give you the personal touch and provide great value. His variety of stock is plentiful. He has brought to life some very old sentimental pictures & keepsakes. I highly recommend his work.

Pros: Best service!
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