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A Tricky Pull
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Main Site The Schilke trumpet has a long top 3rd inner slide. What happens when it's stuck for years?   I soaked it in Ferree's corrosion cracker for a week. There is a very short distance into which you can solder a plug to pull the slide. So, I found a junk tube that fit into outer slide snugly, soldered it in, and then the brass plug was soldered into the junk tube and the hammer applied to pull the slide.

You can see the slide starting to come out in the last photo. Be careful, it's easy to bend the slide up or down and bend the 3rd valve casing. The photo illustrates the 3rd valve in the casing, and two drumsticks firmly in casings 1 and 2 to give maximum support. I turned the drumsticks down on a band sander to fit snugly.